Easily Attract Young Audiences With Tik-Tok

Image by antonbe from Pixabay

If you are over thirty, you may not know or understand how the web app phenomenon Tik-Tok works. Originally named Douyin, Tik-Tok is an app that originated in China in 2017 and has taken American audiences by storm, amassing millions of users, mainly under the age of twenty-five. Like with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Tik-Tok can be a great tool to help broaden the scope of your company’s social media presence and strategy.

             While Tik-Tok won’t be for every business, it’s a great way to attract a younger audience to your product or company, ideally through short, entertaining, and informative videos. With Americans consuming up to 100 minutes of online videos a day, videos can be a great tool to help both sell and promote your business.

             If you are new to Tik-Tok, which you most likely will be if you are over thirty, there are a couple of things you can do to help get started. The first thing you can do is utilize an influencer. Social media influencers are currently a huge presence online, and having one promote your product or business can give you the Tik-Tok jump-start you need. All you need to do is get in touch with an influencer and find out their terms and rates. Typically it will involve an exchange of a free product or service for a positive review or promotion, but every influencer’s terms will be a little different.

             A second thing you can do is create or participate in a #hashtag challenge. #Hashtags are a great way to group and sort different types of content, and by creating a hashtag challenge, you can encourage your users to use or products or services in a unique or entertaining way, and then post the results to your feed. A good idea if you are just starting out is to participate in a couple of challenges first yourself, then create your own once you have a good following.

             However, the most important thing is to make sure you are creating informative, unique, and engaging content that will draw young audiences to your company. Especially if you are paying for advertisements to be displayed on user’s feeds, you want to make sure you are creating something that people won’t just scroll by! Make sure you’ve tailored these videos to your target age, gender, region, and social demographic, and then let the views and clicks roll in.