Guide to Remarketing Audiences on TikTok


For a long time now, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been the most used social media daises. No one could ever think of another dais like TikTok emerging and challenging “the top three” that currently have millions of subscribers worldwide. However, despite not being mainstream, TikTok has been embraced by many startup companies as a means to reach their audience. The ‘newbie’ is not to be underestimated, though, as it is already making ground across the dominion with over 800 million subscribers and good command among the ages of 18 to 24. With the platform jam-packed with youths, it becomes ideal for most businesses targeting this kind of consumer.

Boosting ROI by refashioning on TikTok

Remarketing involves relinking with consumers you had already shown an interest in offering a particular product or service. The marketing principle of “The Rule of 7” highlights the importance of contacting a consumer at least seven times before deciding to purchase the product or require services. A combination of this principle with TikTok creates a unique team for rate-effective and attractive marketing strategies.

Routine audience

TikTok permits you to customize your audience platform contingent on some aspects. Marketers aiming to use TikTok as their medium point of selling will need to use website Traffic or Engagement for better outreach to customers.

Web Traffic customization

The site is virtuous for aiming at consumers who may have visited your website or might have indicated an action by clicking a button, registering as a user, visiting the page, and much more. The dais is ideal for users who might have indicated some curiosity about your products or services but haven’t made an acquisition yet. However, enjoying these services will require you to have a TikTok pixel, an HTML cipher shred that automatically gets loaded whenever there is an activity from a user. The pixel allows tracking of users and allows you to place ads for remarketing. It further permits you to screen your ad campaigns and eliminates inactive users.


The option permits you to target previous users who had indicated an interest in your page by viewing your advert, clicking on your trailer, or even watching your commercials for a few seconds or the full video. It highlights users who have previously come into contact with your TikTok application.

Application activity

This platform allows you to aim at users who are done with their businesses on the app, like mounting the app, initiating the app, attaching a product or ranking the app, and much more. It further allows you to engage with previous users of your TikTok app.

Customer File

This Custom Type Audience grants you permission to upload purchasers’ files and match your clienteles with other TikTok users. It collects statistics from various topographical locations that you might be interested in to know more about the user.

In conclusion, the emergence of TikTok has benefited many users, including businesses. Its worldwide reception, especially among the youths, has made it to be prevalent and attractive to passive users. However, small businesses need to exploit it well with expertise to harvest from it.