How to Promote Your Brand Through TikTok Marketing?

Image by Solen Feyissa from Pixabay

What is TikTok?

Being one of the most successful platforms utilized by many celebrities, influencers and politicians, TikTok cannot go ignored by any business owner any longer. The younger demographic, including Millennials and Generation Z, are the sought-after age group for up-and-coming brands and businesses.

TikTok is one of the most fastest-growing applications right now in the U.S, with over 2 billion downlands and an average of 20.25 million users per day.

Creators and brand originators must use a different mindset when using TikTok than when using Facebook or Instagram, as TikTok is a modified application most users aren’t used to. Using creativity and humour to drive your brand might be the best form of action as TikTok doesn’t use HD photos or polished content to reach their audiences.

TikTok and Marketting.

Promoting on different platforms has been known to help business and brand owners reach their intended audience and grow their brand. Marketers are talking about TikTok’s marketing strategies, tools and techniques, including content-based videos that provide notable growth with little to no sponsoring.

TikTok took off and became increasingly popular when celebrities started using hashtag challenges which would gain numerous entries, which collected millions of views in the process. Showing the relevancy and service of the product you’re promoting in the hashtag challenge gives the viewers more of a drive to be a part and join in creating their content with your brand.

Businesses have started many hashtag challenges that involve customers, which gave them excellent foot traffic and outstanding social media engagement. TikTok pages that don’t offer prizes or gifts do get similar traffic and shoutouts.

How to Promote Your Brand Through TikTok Marketing?

  • In-Feed Native Advertising: While using these advertisements, you can add website links and order now buttons, directly linking the consumer to land on your page. You can track the advertisement’s progress through impressions, total views, video viewing time, and the engagements received.
  • Hashtag Challenge Advertisements: In this advertisement, the TikTok user will see a banner that will take them to a page; the page will consist of a set of particular rules and guidelines around the challenge. Insights can be measured and tracked through views, clicks, user-generated content, the number of views, engagement, and trending slot.
  • Hashtag Challenges: The hashtag challenge gathers an audience and spreads the brand’s message naturally. This type of challenge usually is not sponsored and still has the capability (with the proper research) to reach numerous potential consumers through content-based exposure.
  • User Participation: This form of marketing is the most successful way to gain an organic following for your brand. Essentially, users can create original content around the brand and other trending topics while tagging them in the process.