TikTok Tips: How to Get Your Content to Go Viral

photo by People Creations

TikTok’s success has skyrocketed since the app’s release in 2016. In particular, it received more popularity in 2020 and continues to gather users by the millions.

As of 2020, over 2 billion people have downloaded TikTok. While standard users take up the majority of this figure, small businesses and large corporations alike have created accounts on the platform. These businesses use TikTok to increase their engagement and awareness of their brands.

But, with so many people using the app daily, how can you stand out among the crowd? Here are a few tips to help your content go viral:

  • Use the For You page to your advantage.

Most social media apps will show you content similar to what you produce or like on the platforms. TikTok, however, presents you with varying content from people you don’t follow. The For You page is designed to help you connect to people who are making popular content, regardless of whether it’s similar to yours or not. This change in general social media algorithms was refreshing for users.

  • The chance of conversion is high.

A conversion rate on social media is the rate at which people scroll through then engage with content. If someone sees your video and decides to like, comment, or share it, you have succeeded in getting a conversion from that person.

For people on TikTok who are selling something, this conversion may or may not lead to customers. Gathering views and engagement, however, will spread your brand across the platform (and potentially other platforms). That is what can lead to new customers.

  • Engagement is key.

Every social media platform has an algorithm that centers on engagement. The different levels of engagement are generally the same as well, though the ratio of these levels may vary between platforms. Likes on content is at the lowest level of engagement due to how little time it takes to like a post. Comments are next in this list. They indicate that a user has looked at your content and have taken the time to say something about it. Shares are the most favored form of engagement across every platform. It shows that a person has seen the content, most likely engaged with a like and/or comment, and decided to share it with others. This helps content creators and social media apps spread their content across the world.

  • Watching & replaying.

Since TikTok has a limit of 15 seconds to 1 minute on its content, content can be watched and replayed numerous times. Shorter videos on the platform generally gather more views, leading to more exposure. Views for longer videos will require intrigue to be maintained throughout the video in order to be watched and replayed. However, these videos still tend to have fewer views than shorter ones.

  • The time you’re posting matters.

As with other social media apps, TikTok’s content will generate more activity at certain times. You must be aware of this if you want people to check out your content. Posting during periods of lower activity will lead to lower engagement, whereas highly active periods lead to higher engagement. The most important thing to remember when posting is that your content should be of good quality since you are competing with millions of other people to get noticed.


Ultimately, you should handle TikTok in relatively the same way as other social media. As long as you make quality content, engage with your community, and post consistently, you have all the tools you need to go viral!