5 Styles of Posting on TikTok

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To be successful on TikTok, like other social media platforms, you should stay up-to-date on the popular styles of content that are posted daily. The over 2 billion users of the app worldwide can be a treasure map to learning all the ins and outs of obtaining viral engagement.

Here are 5 styles of posting on TikTok:

  • Music videos

Originally integrated with Musical.ly, TikTok maintains its music focus. The app allows you to add music, sounds, or voiceovers to your videos. Nowadays, you won’t see a video without one of those included.

TikTok’s music roots gave rise to short lip-syncing videos that have become incredibly popular. Even now, a large portion of the content on TikTok fits within the music video category. Lip syncing and original songs will most likely still continue to take up this section of the platform in the future.

  • Comedy videos

Comedy videos are the hidden gem of the TikTok world that has finally been discovered and is gaining popularity. Combined with creative ways of presenting it, humorous videos are among the most-watched content on the platform. Shorter videos in this style are still more popular than longer ones, but if you can maintain an audience’s attention on longer videos, you’ll excel in this style of posting—gaining an increased following along the way.

  • Special effects videos

There has been a recent trend in using special effects in the TikTok community. That trend has even spread to other social media apps like Instagram where it has added numerous filters and game options to make posting on the platform more fun. While TikTok encourages users to utilize its in-app effects, you can upload videos that already have effects layered on them.

Regardless of what you use to make them, users are enjoying special effects videos more and more. This style of posting fits best with comedy videos as well as music videos. These effects can add to the humor or chosen aesthetic of your content.

  • Duet videos

Similar to YouTube’s reaction video community, TikTok has a feature where you can react, or ‘Duet,’ with a user’s content. The feature’s popularity on Musical.ly is the biggest reason for its transition to TikTok. Nonetheless, people enjoy using the Duet feature rather than commenting because it’s more fun and can allow them to be more creative.

This style of posting tends to align with comedy videos, music videos, and videos that include strange actions or dialogue. Initially, it didn’t have such a large application on the app but, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay home, it became a way for people to feel more connected to others.

  • Challenge videos

The main purpose of challenge videos, aside from the challenges themselves, is the ability to be creative, funny, or just to take part in something larger than ourselves. This posting style has been extremely popular in every category of social media. Other platforms have seen this popularity as well.

If you can be the pioneer of a new, fun challenge on TikTok, you may certainly get your fifteen minutes of fame…and more!

Just Post

No matter what kind of videos you decide to post, make sure you are satisfied with them. Obtaining viral success on TikTok may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Don’t get discouraged, be consistent, and one day, you may get to the forefront of the platform!