Types of TikTok Ads: What You Need to Know

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Image by Solen Feyissa from Pixabay

For millions of users, TikTok has become an essential aspect of daily life. This makes the app highly sought-after, not only for users but businesses as well. Ad opportunities have soared on the platform and businesses are finding more ways of promoting themselves. TikTok noticed this and developed several different types of ads that can be run.

What are the types of ads?

The For You page is the most visited section of the app due to its personalized recommendations. This makes it the perfect place to insert ads. Businesses looking to promote themselves should first identify which ad type to use.

  • TopView
  • Brand Takeover
  • In-Feed
  • Branded Effects
  • Hashtag Challenges

TopView Ads

These ads show up on the For You page when a user opens TikTok. The content can last up to 60 seconds long and are generally utilized for gaining attention. As such, they don’t include any extra links or actions. TopView ads are always prime-time ads since they show up before a user enters the app itself.

Brand Takeover Ads

Similar to TopView ads, Brand Takeover ads also appear when TikTok is opened. However, these ads are full screen and clickable. They are extremely short—between three to five seconds of an image or video. Links embedded in the ads can be internal or external as well. This type of ad comes with a high price tag since users will only see one of these a day.

In-Feed Ads

The length of these ads are between 15 to 60 seconds with the former being more popular. In-feed ads occur on the For You page. They appear like an ordinary TikTok but with a clickable button, generally a call to action, that leads users to a profile, website, or external app.

Branded Effects Ads

Considered one of the most creative types of TikTok ads, branded effects ads consist of effects, filters, and stickers that can be added to videos. These are often tailored to brands or businesses and provide an immersed experience for users. Branded effects ads and hashtag challenges could be combined for an increased integrated effect on users as well.

Hashtag Challenges

Sometimes called, Branded Hashtag Challenges, these ads encourage user participation. They are implemented by businesses to spread awareness of their brands while engaging with their target audience and the general TikTok community. Users enjoy these challenges because it allows them to take part in something larger than themselves. Creativity on both ends of the spectrum shine the brightest with these types of ads.

Other Tips

When advertising with TikTok, understand who is being shown what kinds of ads. The time periods ads are displayed is also important in order to maximize the ad’s effectiveness. Create engaging and visually attractive ads that capture users’ attention. Majority of TikTok’s user base are members of Generation Z. Ensure ads are tailored to popular interests. Most importantly, learn from other ads and the content on TikTok. They will provide the blueprint for what works and what doesn’t for various kinds of content.