Corporate TikTok: How to Increase Employer Branding

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Image by Solen Feyissa from Pixabay

Over time, the standard methods of searching for potential employees through job sites like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed have faded. Recruiters and hiring managers have had to think outside the box in their approaches. Little did they know social media would become a valid way of reaching the desired audience. Even more than that, the most popular app, TikTok, has paved a new avenue for the job-seeking market through employer branding.

What is employer branding?

Employer branding is a marketing strategy that focuses solely on the hiring process and behind the scenes looks at a company. This should not to be confused with company branding, which is the promotion of the products, services, or culture of a business.

What is its significance?

For any audience, proper employer branding will give current and future customers insight into what makes a company tick. It’s useful as an overall marketing tool or as a hiring element. Building trust and reliability with current customers is possible through employer branding because it gives them a reason beyond what a company offers to stick around. Good employer branding takes potential customers still on the fence about purchasing and can be that extra nudge to convince them to buy something by showing them how the company works.

Employer Branding on TikTok

Considered one of the most downloaded apps in 2020, TikTok has continued to skyrocket in popularity. Businesses looking to facilitate employer branding tactics on social media should use this platform.

Here are some tips for employer branding on TikTok:

  • Have a clear, relevant account name and picture

Company accounts with usernames that clearly represent the account as a business account won’t create confusion. Having one account for company and employer branding is fine, or creating one for each is beneficial as well—just make them consistent and similar.

  • Post consistently (for company and employer branding)

All social media accounts with a consistent posting schedule, no matter how frequent or seldom they post, are more likely to gain attention and followers. People want to know when to expect new content and businesses, like any other account, should deliver on that.

  • Go with what’s popular on the app

Trends are TikTok’s biggest asset, aside from its increasing community, so use that. Keep up with popular trends and take part in them.

  • Give viewers plenty of sneak peaks into the company

When utilizing employer branding, be honest and open with viewers. Give them a real look into the business. They’ll appreciate the honesty.

  • Advertise clearly what positions are open and where to find them

Some social media platforms don’t always allow for links in certain places so apply them where possible. Make sure the links are relevant and valid. Posting about open positions is important in this area as well. If a potential applicant can’t go to the site to apply through at most a few simple clicks, he or she isn’t likely to apply.

  • Don’t drop off the face of the earth when you’re done hiring

Once positions have been filled, don’t abandon the account. It could be useful later with future hires. Remember to keep posting consistently!


All avenues of the hiring process should be utilized to their fullest. This can drastically increase the pool of qualified applicants for a position and also help a business spread awareness of its brand.