Why are Marketers Underutilizing TikTok?

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Image by Solen Feyissa from Pixabay

When a new app is released, it often falls in between the cracks amid the millions of apps created every month. But, every now and then, apps can go viral. Such is the case with TikTok.

Anything new is almost always scooped up by the younger generation. Teenagers look for the things that might become famous and flock to it. Creating short videos—15 seconds to 60 seconds long—was a fresh concept upon TikTok’s release. This made it instantly popular with Generation Z users.

Sometimes it’s the gravitation of the younger generation that deters the other generations such as Millennials from exploring the latest trends. However, in the marketing industry, in the middle of the hottest trends is where a marketer should be.

Over the five years it has been running, TikTok has slowly gained users of various generations. Even a small number of the Baby Boomer generation have joined. No matter what age group a marketer’s audience is, give TikTok a chance.

It may be what changes the marketing world more so than it has already.

Here are some benefits of using TikTok to market:

  • It contains a large audience.

Companies like Dunkin Donuts and Old Navy have made a big splash on the app. Awareness, participation in things such as hashtag challenges, or being promoted by influencers with large followings often contribute to the success of many businesses.

  • TikTokers aren’t afraid to throw money someone’s way.

From large corporations to small businesses to individuals, the users on TikTok have purchased items and donated money on a previously unprecedented level. Some small businesses have even gone viral overnight, selling out of their entire stock in a matter of days.

  • Donation trains and challenges are slowly becoming common.

Just as TikTokers have money to spend, there is of course money to be made from the app. There are users who collect donations or promote donation challenges to raise money for people who need it. This is a way for users to help other people while generating awareness.

  • Buying gifts or making dreams come true—both happen often.

Users of TikTok often buy gifts from other users’ baby or wedding registries, wish lists, and occasionally, they make dreams happen. There have been stories where TikTokers have raised money or increased engagement enough to where creators could quit their day jobs to pursue their passions.

The Benefits Don’t Stop There

There are many other ways TikTok is a great marketing tool. Whether it generates money through ad revenue, monetizes engagement, or fulfills a life-long wish, this app is a hotspot of activity. Individual marketers and businesses should take advantage of TikTok’s popularity. Its user base is still generally on the younger side, but it would be an incorrect assumption to think the app’s audience is purely in that range.

In the marketing industry, awareness can be as important as bringing in revenue. Marketing on TikTok has proven to be a profitable avenue and it’s expected to continue that way.