7 TikTok Tricks to Increase Followers

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

From the first teenager to reach 100 million followers, Charli D’Amelio, to veteran influencers who know the ways of TikTok, these people have mastered the algorithm. On YouTube, it could take creators years—even up to over a decade—to hit 100 million subscribers. However, on TikTok, it’s possible to achieve that in as little as a few months.

Here are 7 tricks to increasing followers:

  • Community Engagement

As with any social media platform, engagement with followers and other members of the community is just as important as the content being posted. Having regular communication with followers by commenting and Dueting or Stitching their videos will boost engagement.

  • Get Videos on the For You Page

The For You page is the most used feature of TikTok. It’s also where users find new creators to follow. Landing on this page, on the other hand, is harder than it may seem. TikTok shows people what it thinks they want to see—relevant to their previously watched videos or not. This is also linked to engagement since a video with a high engagement rate indicates users want to see more of it. Essentially, higher engagement equals a more likely chance of ending up on the For You page and potentially going viral.

  • Be A Trend (or Challenge) Setter

Instead of just participating in trends and challenges, make new ones. Look at the current trends and challenges, then come up with something different. If the trend or challenge is shared, users will typically credit the creator.

  • Have A Posting Schedule…And Stick to It

Consistency is one of the most vital tricks to social media success. Users want to know they can count on their favorite creators to post when they say they will. Establishing a posting schedule will build a relationship between the creator and their followers. It can also improve engagement and increase the odds of hitting the For You page.

  • Collaborate

Brands and influencers with millions of followers aren’t the only ones who can collaborate. Working alongside another creator to make something could expand both creators’ audiences and lead to more followers. Most of all, collaborate with creators in the same or a similar niche. Both audiences likely are somewhat like-minded or at least have that niche in common.

  • Don’t Forget to Cross-Promote

Often a severely under-utilized tool, cross-promoting is like collaborating between social media platforms. Creators may post slightly different content across the various platforms due to their aesthetics, restrictions, features, and so on. By cross-promoting, creators introduce content that is a little new, or they may attract followers from one platform who also follow the creator on another platform. TikTok is still considered to be a new platform, so cross-promoting on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, in particular, can help grow followers.

  • Settle Into One Niche

Sometimes, trying to be a part of several niches can get confusing or frustrating to followers who are hoping to see a certain kind of content. By settling into one niche only, users interested in that niche will be easier to find and convert to followers.