TikTok Views: Why They Go Down & How to Increase Them

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Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

Among all the current social media platforms, TikTok has the most flexible algorithm by far. Instead of focusing on follower counts like its competition, this app looks at individual videos. The view number of a video can only increase, but what happens when those numbers stop increasing?

  • Keep an eye on TikTok’s algorithm

Algorithms on social media apps are constantly changing. It’s important to keep up with those changes so videos don’t see a decrease in collective views. TikTok in particular focuses on how well a video does. If it isn’t something users watch or engage with, it won’t do well in TikTok’s algorithm—and therefore will slip between the cracks.

  • TikTok Analytics

One helpful feature of the app is its analytics. Paying attention to what information TikTok Analytics provides will help with the right time to post, where the most engagement comes from, the average rate of engagement per video, and more.

  • Stay in the know about all things viral

TikTok is centered around trends. If certain videos go viral, jump on the bandwagon. Unlike most platforms, TikTok and its users want to see content that incorporates what is trendy at the time.

  • Master the art of hashtags

Hashtags are important for any social media platform, but they are especially important for TikTok. While trends may help creators gain success, hashtags are the other half of that. Every video should contain relevant hashtags in the description. Popular hashtags will help videos reach users’ For You page, but they should still be related to the content of the video. Using less popular hashtags is also an excellent strategy to improve engagement. After all, those hashtags have the chance to go viral at any time, just as a single video can.

  • Utilize hashtag challenges

Similar to incorporating hashtags on a video, participating in trending hashtag challenges (or creating new ones) is a good option as well. This is related to both engagement and staying up-to-date with trends.

  • Pick the right posting times

The time videos are uploaded plays a part in how they may be received. In the morning, during lunch, and the afternoon are the ‘hotspots’ for posting. Specific times, on the other hand, may vary due to time zone differences and the creator’s niche. Once a certain time proves to be the most beneficial, stick to posting around that time consistently.

The List Goes On

There are numerous other tips for gaining more views, followers, and engagement on TikTok. The list of them quite literally may be endless. Social media platforms always look for new ways to evolve. If the goal is to gain social media success on TikTok, the most important things to remember are to post consistent, high-quality videos that cater to a certain niche. Second to that is to engage with followers and on other creators’ videos. Lastly, don’t give up. A video could go viral overnight!