Best 15 TikTok Ideas To Get More Followers

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Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

If you want to be a star at TikTok, but you don’t’ have creative ideas for videos, this is the best place for you. Read this article with the 15 best ideas for videos on TikTok.

The definition of TikTok

TikTok is a social media video network where you can upload funny videos about anything you want. The Chinese app has over 2.8 billion downloads, over one billion active users and is rising fast. Currently is the most popular social media app on the Internet.

What is the benefit of using TikTok?

TikTok is the perfect media platform if you want to make a lot of money and become famous. If you want to start a career as an influencer, TikTok is a perfect place for you. TikTok has mainly young active users (over 80% of the users are under 30 years). With TikTok, you can get more followers quickly if you upload funny and creative short videos. Also, TikTok is useful if you have a startup company that wants to promote your products globally.

You can increase your followers on TikTok by following these 15 ideas

  1. Inspirational content (make videos about life and try to motivate people)
  2. Educational videos (make videos that will be fun to watch and also educational)
  3. Skincare Knowledge/Routine (make videos that will help the people who have trouble with their skin and share your daily skincare routine)
  4. Makeover (make videos about any type of makeover: hair, makeup, fashion style, your room, house, and even your garden. The options are limitless)
  5. Funny videos (make videos that will make people laugh and forget about theirs everyday problems)
  6. On-trend challenges (make videos that are trending, maybe even start your own challenge. Who knows maybe it will go viral)
  7. DIY Content (make videos about creating crafts)
  8. Glow-up journey (make a video about your glow-up journey and how can you become a better person and achieve anything if you are persistent )
  9. Fitness/Workout sessions (make videos of your regular workout routine, even if you are not a professional trainer)
  10. Fashion videos (make videos of your favorite piece of clothes and your daily combination outfit)
  11. Cooking recipe (make videos of some of your cooking tricks and recipes)
  12. Funny pet’s moments (make videos of your pets, because there is nothing more interesting than cute animals doing funny things on the internet)
  13. Product reviews (make videos about reviews for the products you have bought and the places you have visited)
  14. Makeup tutorials (make videos that are related to makeup)
  15. Talent show off (make a video showing your unique skills and talents)


So this is our list of ideas on how to make the best videos on TikTok. Bear in mind that if you want to be successful and famous at TikTok, you need to love making videos. Don’t give up if you don’t have millions of followers. Be patient and creative!