How To Conduct A TikTok Contest To Increase Engagement

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Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

In just a short period of time TikTok has become one of the most used social networks on the Internet. TikTok has over 2.8 billion downloads and a couple of billion views a month.

TikTok challenges and contests

TikTok challenges have gone viral. These trends are not under the control of any business or brand. They are a call to action videos made by TikTok users. Usually, there are dance challenges or song challenges. One of the most addictive challenges is the Egg Challenge, where you need to give an egg to a dog and record the dog’s reaction. Another famous challenge is the Renegade Challenge where you need to record a video of you dancing on a specific routine. Even celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian recorded a video doing this challenge. The video had millions of views.

The difference between TikTok challenges and TikTok contests is that TikTok video contests are under the control of a particular brand or an organization. The main goal of the contest is for users to make TikTok videos following a number of rules. If you win the contest as a reward you will win a prize. Sometimes contests can evolve into TikTok challenges, but that’s not the purpose of the contest.

Advantages of creating a TikTok contest

If you have a business and you want to promote it in order to gain more likes and fans TikTok is one of the best choices. It has enormous growth and a high number of views. TikTok is mostly used by the young public (under 30 years). Almost 2 billion from the total 2.8 billion downloads are made on Android and iOS. The TikTok contest is a perfect marketing strategy for your business to go viral and to get the attention you need.

How to make a TikTok contest

To make a TikTok contest is fun and simple, but you still need to follow some rules in order to make a successful contest. Here are some of the most important ones you should follow.

  • Set up a goal (make a marketing strategy that will last)
  • Choose a tempting prize as a reward (some of the prizes you can choose depending on your budget: smartphone, jewelry, cash money, road trip, cosmetics, gift card, iPad)
  • Make the official rules and the guidelines (common rules: watch and share video, follow your profile, use hashtags, or leave a comment on a video)
  • Make your TikTok contest live
  • Choose and announce the winner
  • Double-check your contest

Helping tips on how to make a great TikTok contest

These are some nice tips that can help you to organize a successful contest:

  • Take advantage of TikTok Hashtags
  • Use third-party contest tools
  • Understand which kind of content will perform well on TikTok

Final thoughts

The audience and the users that are on TikTok are different than the ones on Facebook or Instagram and so is the content. To make successful content on TikTok you need to be creative and make different and more exciting videos than the ones that are uploaded on YouTube. So we advise you to have this in mind before conducting a TikTok contest.