Top 5 Ways to Use Custom Audiences for Tiktok

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

Tiktok, a social networking service, has gained prominence in recent times, especially because many people who are vast with what is trending at each point in time adopted it fast enough. Many businesses have utilized other social media platforms over the years to convey their goods/services to their target audience. However, it is broad knowledge now that with custom audiences on TikTok, you can pull traffic to your business, especially with the consistent increase seen in the cost per impression on network services such as Facebook. Just because of a lower cost per impression for your audience, using a custom audience on TikTok will upgrade your returns on what you end up spending for the sole purpose of advertisement.

It is important to know that TikTok has over an 800million users, and this is a number you sure will be willing to pitch your business to and be assured of a beautiful success rate. In addition, you get to reach your target audience at a minimal cost due to the low CPM. 

Here are some of the reasons you should give using custom audiences on TikTok a serious thought;

  1. Highly rated- An entertainment platform is one of the most accessible means of reaching your target audience, and one of these is TikTok. This network service has been downloaded billions of times already, and it goes to say that you have no worries about reaching your audience on this platform. However, the little challenge with this is that you have to be strategic in targeting your audience because failure to do this could mean a waste of your advert.
  2. Engagements devoid of investments- Tiktok is one platform where once an individual posts a video, it could go viral, reaching a whole lot of people as quickly as possible whether or not that account has a high number of followers. This way, it only means that to get your audience coming back for more, you might have to intensify efforts towards making high-quality videos because failure to do so might mean you are engaging and not even getting the needed returns/responses.
  3. Viewability- Viewability is maximum and at its peak on TikTok. Even though it is short-spanned, you are rest assured that many people will see your content. See these forms of advertisements as registered in the subconscious of the people who view them. The hope is that you will be remembered and called on by the time the need arises to use your services.
  4. It might become costly and competitive; Just because it is new compared to other social network services like Facebook, the number of advertisers is fewer, which translates into the CPM being cheap. However, this trend is expected to change with time as more people will subscribe to making their advertisements on this platform, making it more competitive and costlier. Hence, the earlier you make your choices, the better.

In conclusion, you should know that subscribing to a platform that drives your target audience to your business at minimal cost is priceless.