5 Great TikTok Hashtags Marketers Can Use for Increased Discoverability

Image by GraphicsSC from Pixabay

With a rapid increase in the popularity of this social media app ‘TikTok’, there has been a continuous influx of visitors up until the point where the download mark was crossed. The pandemic shot up the relevance of TikTok because while many families were on lockdown and stuck in their homes, they resorted to watching videos on TikTok and made various attempts at trying out the different TikTok challenges that came up.

With such an expanding rate, small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to lose out on the benefits this social media platform would offer their businesses. This is because business brands that choose to embrace this opportunity will leave business brands that fail behind. With this rapid growth in TikTok, however, it has become challenging for businesses to stand out. This is why brands must look out for different ways to gain customer attention on this platform.

A viable strategy is needed to ensure that your content surfaces in the hashtags and newsfeeds. It could pose a little challenge trying to research hashtags, and we know this. This is why we have decided to make it easier for you by researching and coming up with five specific hashtags that can make your brand scale.

  1. #smallbusinesscheck

This is a hashtag that comes in handy for small businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses use it to showcase what they do and how they go about it. In simple terms, it gives the consumers a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes for such businesses, and this way; you get to build a sustainable relationship with your target audience. When using a mainstream, try to combine it with a niche-specific hashtag. The deal is that your chances of getting noticed using a narrower niche are higher. However, once you gain popularity in a smaller hashtag, a larger hashtag helps you to climb faster.

  • #digitalmarketing

This is ideal for marketers; however, other professionals can also use it to share useful and helpful marketing strategies.

  • #Seashanty

It has over 4.5 billion views to date, and it simulates a perfect example of a viral TikTok trend. What you do is that once these trends appear, you need to find a way to seize them and make them yours in a fun way. This way, you feed many eyes with your brand. So, if there’s a trending hashtag that your brand aligns with, hop in on the challenge!

  • #foryou/ #foryoupage/#FYP

The ‘For You’ page on TikTok is where TikTok makes several suggestions on new content, and securing a spot there definitely earns you a marketing win.

  • Industry hashtags

Use hashtags that connect your business to the niche market. Using industry hashtags such as #law can make a lot of people more interested in your business. 

Brands are constantly being presented with the opportunity to link up with their audiences personally and even professionally. With these features, professionals can nurture a connection with their audiences that is far beyond a basic interest in their products. Use the right hashtags for your businesses today and cause your TikTok popularity to soar.