TikTok Ads: How They Differ From Facebook Ads

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Have you ever wondered what media ads will be just right for your business? Look no further as the TikTok ad does it excellently well. This write-up gives an insight into the differences between TikTok and Facebook ads.

Why would you rather choose TikTok for your advert?

With the rapidly increasing prominence that TikTok has gained very recently, you are assured that most of your business audience are active users of TikTok. This is also because a large percentage of its users are well above age 20. Asides from this, TikTok users have been known to spend a lot of time on the app. What attracts users to you on this platform is your personalized ‘For You page’. As such, within a few hours, you get to learn what interests people regarding content, and you give it to them steadily. TikTok is an app that appeals to business owners, and this is because the platform helps make as many people as possible see your content. 

One fascinating advantage of TikTok ads over others is that it is very economical, and their delivery is very swift. Another wonderful thing about this platform is that the ads simulate organic posts, this way, it’s hard for viewers to discern that they are ads quickly. This time-lapse gives you a brief opportunity to catch the attention of your audience.

In the U.S, the TikTok self-service ads are readily available. However, if you reside in other parts of the world, you’ll have to run an interview process to get your ads to run or, better still, use an agency.

So, what exactly is the comparison between TikTok and Facebook ads?

– With the TikTok self-service ads platform, you can run both an ads account and a regular account. Not to worry, both accounts are unconnected, and this way, people can interact with your ads without following your ad account; however, the views you have won’t be saved. On the other hand, Facebook has a robust pixel tracking system, with a higher fraction of interests and categories that you can target as opposed to TikTok.

How to target your audience on TikTok?

  • Via interests and categories! Interests dwell on a broader group while a category reaches deeper into what your audience is. As we speak, there’s yet to be categories targeting businesses or information on products on TikTok. However, you can go around this by targeting your audience through your content and leaving TikTok to do the rest for you. Look out for the people watching your videos and then read their comments to know the people who fit your interests and categories perfectly.
  • Engage creative designs to engage and connect with your audience

Most often than not, TikTok users prefer an original and well-relatable experience asĀ opposed to that seen on Instagram or Pinterest, where things appear to be a manufactured reality in the real sense of it.

Tips for pulling your adverts through

– Develop and nurture friendship with your audience

– Put up messages that register well in the subconscious of your audience

– Give your audience enough reasons to want to keep watching your ads (be creative!)

– Make the timing as short as possible with all the necessary information infused into it