How To Establish and Measure a TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

This article discusses discovering tips and tools needed to set up and analyze a TikTok influencer marketing campaign. Let’s go on this ride!

On TikTok, the objective of a sponsored partnership is to get an influencer to partner with to help drive more engagement from the community of creators as a whole. Posts from influencers on TikTok helps to promote a product/business while motivating other community members to join in the experience. It is important to note that once an influencer’s audience participates actively in a promoted challenge, they automatically become a part of the influencer campaign, promoting the same content to their audiences.

Setting up a TikTok influencer campaign involves;

  • Choosing a TikTok influencer campaign type-┬áThis could include;
  • TikTok challenges– A fast way to gain viral attraction, especially when millions of users actively participate by recreating the original video.
  • Dances- Dance routines are structured in such a way as to be recreated by each user using a consistent theme song.
  • Duets- This helps a TikTok user collaborate directly with a post already existing post by creating a side-by-side video with content typifying the original piece.

Utilizing TikTok’s creator marketplace to recognize possible influencer partners 

Following the development of the content for your branded influencer campaign, you need to start searching for influencers suitable enough for you to partner with. The creator marketplace helps you to easily search for and collaborate with desired influencers for your business. While searching, some filters will make it easy to find the creator that suits your need. Such includes;

Creator data- do searches for you based on the creator’s profile

  • Country where the influencer is based
  •  The topic is the category of content the creator publishes
  • Reach measurement represents the creator’s total follower count.
  • Average views talk about the historical benchmark of a creator’s previous content.

Audience data- refines your searches based on available audience data

  • Country- Filters your search based on where the majority of the creator’s audience is based.
  • Gender and age- filter your search for the demographics of your creator’s audience
  • Pro Tip- Customizes what percentage of the audience is a specific gender.
  • Devices- This filter allows you to search audiences by the specific operating system they use.
  • eCommerce anchor- helps you to filter creators that have access to these shoppable features.
  • Assess different TikTok influencers in the creator marketplace

After using available filters for your initial search, a display bearing lists of creators who meet your criteria is seen. Click to check on the metrics on their profile, including total views, likes, comments, shares, and average engagement rate. Do well also to review previous videos posted to assess the quality. While also evaluating, be on the lookout for measurement of an audience’s usage, the breakdown of the creator’s audience by location, and performance trends across the creator’s profile. These would help you identify creators who have enjoyed consistent growth in their audience over time.

  • Manage your TikTok influencer campaign with the preferred influencer partners

After discovering the influencer, you would like to collaborate with, bookmark their profile, set up a campaign framework adding all the details of your brand, and then submit your campaign. Then the shortlisted creators will receive your campaign invite and accept it or decline it.

  • Evaluate the performance of your TikTok influencer campaign

Pentos is a good tracker of the measure of performance of any TikTok profile. It basically records data on core account metrics; this way, you get to measure the performance of your TikTok influencer campaign.