How you can Get Started with TikTok: A Guide for Marketers

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Do you want to put your business on TikTok? Do you wonder how other brands are using TikTok successfully?

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to produce a TikTok videotape and find exemplifications to inspire you to use TikTok in your marketing.

Why Consider TikTok?

TikTok’s growth is fascinating in numerous situations. For beginners, it’s the first major social media network that started in China and spread to the U.S and the rest of the world. This expansion was expedited when they acquired musically at the end of 2017.

Because of this, the site has an extremely global and different audience. However, you’ll probably see vids from people in multiple countries and languages if you spend further than some minutes on TikTok. The followers are also young; most users are youngish than 30.

Firstly, do your research to know if having a TikTok presence indeed makes sense for your business. However, also suppose about resourcing, if so. Who’ll be responsible for posting and managing vids? What kind of budget will you need? How will you measure the results? These are all effects you need to consider.

There are many reasons not to join TikTok right now; still, if your brand fits numerous of the following criteria, you may want to consider joining sooner rather than later.

. • Utmost of your target guests is youngish than 35. While the app is starting to progress up, the maturity of users is Gen Zers and youngish Millennials.

• Your products are visually charming and demonstrative.

• You’re an artist or a musician.

• Your brand is trendy with a fun, casual, and “cool sprat” vibe.

• You have the coffers (staff, budget, etc.) to be suitable to add another channel to your blend.

Pro Tip: I’m a big addict of airman programs for testing new marketing channels. However, start with a 1-month or 3-month test if you suppose your brand might do well on TikTok. It requires lower time and smaller coffers and is less risky if your thesis doesn’t work.

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# 1 Install TikTok on Your Mobile Device

While other social media spots block the ability to download other people’s vids, TikTok’s product platoon has made it easy to take vids away. By dereliction, other people can partake your content on other social media spots and group texting platforms, and indeed download full GIF and videotape performances of your project, all of which are watermarked. It gets the word out in a perfectly natural way.

Note: if you don’t want to make your content shareable, you can turn off this point in your sequestration settings.

After downloading the app (iOS and Android), you don’t indeed have to set up an account to start viewing vids.

When you produce an account, TikTok will use AI to face vids they suppose you may like on the For You feed, which is the dereliction screen when you first log in. These suggestions get smarter as you spend additional time on TikTok, making the app incredibly delightful and addicting. The app is worth downloading for the stupendous beast TikTok videos alone.

# 2 Produce Your First TikTok Video

Still, you’re likely to find the advertisement features on TikTok important, intuitive if you’ve ever posted a story on Snapchat or Instagram.

The upload screen gives you a choice to produce a 15-second or 60-alternate videotape. You can either upload a being videotape that you recorded before or record a commodity on the cover. Anyhow of which option you choose, TikTok lets you add special goods, speed up or decelerate down the videotape, set a timekeeper, and flip between your front and reverse smartphone camera.

Once you’ve uploaded your videotape, you’ll be suitable to trim it right within the app.

In addition, you can add different pollutants, transitions, and other special goods, as seen.

One of the most common features is the capability to subcaste sound on top of your videotape. You can moreover produce your audio crush-up or choose from thousands of choices within TikTok’s library. I won’t get into it in this article, but you can use numerous different audio tactics.

Just like on Snapchat and Instagram, you can also snappily add textbooks on top of your vids.

When you are done creating your masterpiece and are ready to partake in it, you have the option to write a caption, add any applicable hashtags, and acclimate your sharing settings.

Indeed though TikTok’s discovery is AI- grounded, hashtags still play a big part for druggies searching for content. It is best if you take the time to explore in advance, choosing the right hashtags. Two hashtags that you’ll see are #for you and #for your page. You use these hashtags to try to get on the main TikTok feed.

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Another point unique to TikTok is the capability to do duets in React mode. You can record yourself alongside your videotape on a split-screen. It is one way to encourage further engagement with your vids and is particularly effective with cotillion challenges.

# 3 Explore These TikTok Use Cases for Alleviation

Some of the brands you would anticipate to be early adopters — including musicians, sports brigades, and sodalities — are trying cool effects on TikTok. In numerous cases, their vids have different organic views and engagement than their native Instagram posts.

What do you suppose? Is your business on TikTok? If yes, how are you making use of it? Would you mind partaking exemplifications in the commentary below?