How to Make TikTok E-Commerce Campaigns

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

TikTok has become one of the world’s most popular apps in recent years. The TikTok trajectory can be seen as a peak speed course rather than a long-distance race. By creating a TikTok campaign, your eCommerce reach expands to a global scale. Through inventive ad forms and accurate targeting, the app creates high levels of engagement. Don’t pass up this opportunity to get thorough information about your users by monitoring the success of your ad.

Creating TikTok eCommerce Ads

It’s time to create your ad now that your campaign and ad group are complete. Make use of graphics or videos, as well as writing and a forceful call to action. TikTok Ads Manager features video production and editing capabilities to make your marketing team’s life easier.

First, include the creative. Examine the Advertising Formats that the app provides for your e-commerce business, as well as the picture and video specs, to develop content that would appear best on TikTok. Discover how Stradivarius gained 12.000 new TikTok followers in 2 days by implementing efficient ad formats to achieve their business objective.

Then, provide ad specifics such as the text and URL that will appear with your ad: Name, text, call-to-action, profile image, and URL are all shown.

TikTok’s Advertising Policies are really accurate; don’t forget to read them. Let’s have a look at some of them that are relevant to ad creatives and editorial:

  • Users must not be directed to a non-functional landing page by ad creatives. On the landing page of an e-commerce advertisement, accurate information must be displayed.
  • Ad creatives and landing sites must not include prohibited items, such as narcotics, political material, tobacco products, or smoking…
  • Lead Ads must have a Privacy Policy on the landing page and should not ask for sensitive personal information on the immediate form.
  • The ad creative (title, text, photos, videos, CTA) must match the offered product or service on the landing page.

TikTok only accepts advertisements in certain languages in each nation (see the full list in the Business Help Center); therefore, the ad text must be in one of the approved languages for the targeted region.

Ad captions must be free of grammatical errors. Ad pictures must also be free of grainy, confusing, or unfamiliar visuals. You may use TikTok’s ad preview feature to check how the ad will look on mobile devices before running it.

Keep track of the success of your TikTok campaigns.

After you’ve developed your TikTok eCommerce ad, it’s time to monitor its success. Ads Manager features such as Dashboards may be used to examine overall statistics across advertising campaigns.