How to Use TikTok Analytics for Business

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Do you use your TikTok for marketing? Are you thinking of finding and using TikTok Analytics?

You’ll discover how to read, understand, and interpret your TikTok in this article. Analytics criteria to ease your TikTok marketing conditioning.

How can you Access TikTok Analytics?

For you to get access to TikTok analytics, you need to have a TikTok Pro account. However, it’s easy to convert to a pro account in your settings if you haven’t formerly.

To do this, tap the three dots at the upper-right corner of your TikTok profile.

When your settings open, the valve on Manage My Account and Switch to Pro Account. After you make the change, you’ll need to give it some time for data to the total.

When you’re ready to go through your analytics, go to your account settings and select Analytics.

You’ll also see three tabs when you open your TikTok analytics Overview, Content, and Followers. To start exploring this data, read the composition below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough or watch this videotape

.# 1 TikTok Overview Analytics 

When you open your TikTok analytics, you will see the Overview tab. This tab shows your total Videotape Views, Followers, and Profile Views. You see the data for the last seven days by dereliction, but if you tap on 28 Days, you can view close to a month’s worth of data.

Videotape Views 

The Videotape Views metric is important because it’s principally your prints and imprinting — like when you get a billboard in Times Square.

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The next is your total number of TikTok followers. Look at the 28- day trend to see how important your followers have grown over this period. Being suitable to see the change in follower growth is vital because if you had a videotape go viral, it doesn’t always restate to further followers.

Looking at how can help you pinpoint which vids are you giving the new followers.

Profile Views 

The last part of the Overview tab is your overall Profile Views. It is the number of people interested in your videotape to go through to your TikTok profile. The people who are very likely to become followers are these people. Thus, the Profile Views metric can help you determine if your vids bring people closer to you.

# 2 TikTok Content Analytics 

Now let’s view the analytics on the Content tab, which includes your videotape posts and trending vids.

Videotape Posts 

The Videotape Posts section shows all of the TikTok videotape posts you’ve published in the last seven days. Listed in summary for each videotape is the total number of views on that videotape.

Trending Vids 

Below your videotape posts, you’ll see your trending vids, which are the vids that are getting views.

Look at all of your trending vids and see if they’ve anything in common. For illustration, perhaps your face is brightly lit, you were wearing a pink blazer, you were being frothy, or you were talking about certain content. Then, start to locate trends and patterns across your trending videos.

.# 3 TikTok Followers Analytics 

The Followers tab offers essential details regarding your following, including the overall number of followers, their gender, where they live, when they’re active on TikTok, and what other vids and sounds are common among them. Remember that this data will vary from one account to another. 


Firstly, you see your TikTok follower count and the chance to increase or drop in followers over the last seven days.

Keep an eye on the change in followers for your account week over week.


However, below your follower count, you can see the breakdown of your followership by gender.

Top territories

Top territories show a breakdown of your followers by position.

Follower activity 

Follower activity lets you see the times and days that your followers are most active on the site. This data will help you find the modern times to publish on TikTok for your followership.

Still, if you look at your follower activity by day, you can see what days of the week your followership is most active. 

You can view activity by hours of the day to see when your followership is most active. In addition, you can analyze hourly data.  

Still, you want to publish an hour or two before the moment you have identified your followership to be most active on TikTok.

Keep in mind that the modern time to publish content will be different for every account. Every brand’s followership will have different peak times, so you need to analyze your data to find your modern time to publish.

Vids Your Followers Watched 

In the coming section of the Followers tab, you can see the other TikTok vids common with your followers. Check the content they watch to get the idea of the type of humor and interests they’ve and what they may want to learn further.

Sounds Your Followers Heeded To 

You also can see what sounds your followers have heeded. Perhaps you’ll want to jump on these trends and record vids with these sounds.

The top sound has an unhappy word, which is frequently the case on TikTok. So be watchful when choosing a sound for your TikTok videotape, and make sure you hear the full audio before recording with it.


You should know how to read, analyze, and interpret your TikTok analytics data to see if your marketing is working. For example, you can find out what content is reverberating with your followership and discover the peak times to post on TikTok to reach your followership.