Tiktok: Privacy and Personalized Adds

Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

Having a mission to inspire creativity and spread joy, TikTok has done even more. It’s a go-to app for short video format. Since 2018, when it started becoming more of a household name, its popularity has grown yearly at a tremendous rate, being available in about 150 markets and 75 countries. 

Transparency and security are additional values being prioritized by TikTok. With the constant development of privacy policies and provision of updates that ensure that brands and user data are protected at all times, the platform allows brands to feel secure when telling their stories, as they are guaranteed that user data is being protected at all times. 

We’d be looking at two new features that have been added to the app to further show the commitment of the TikTok brand to ensuring privacy is prioritized. 

Tiktok to more personalized ads

The platform has successfully been able to use the activity of users in the app in personalizing campaigns. In addition to the quality display of creative content, this feature has also ensured that the right users are being reached at the right time. 

In ensuring this personalization, the videos liked by users and ads they have interacted with are some of the activities that TikTok takes into consideration. 

The data possessed by TikTok about users is made use of by personalized ads in targeting users. Third-party data is being used respectfully by advertisers that have access to it to find potential consumers who are likely to be interested in the company’s particular product or service. Although, it is expected that before users’ data are used, their permission is obtained before any such campaign is impacted on them. Tiktok ensures that only connections between brands and users that are meaningful are allowed in order to keep user data secured. 

Although there is an automatic implementation of these changes, in accordance with the privacy policy that the platform upholds, the app’s safety center allows users to make adjustments. 

Easier lead generation campaigns.

This is a new feature added to TikTok that has proven to be very useful to companies. It offers them the opportunity to reach users easily and has also made the driving of conversion easier. 

Products and services that users may find interesting are now easier to reach as details and information about such products and services are now shared by companies through this new feature. This allows users to easily navigate through such items and make more informed choices when seeking products to purchase and services to subscribe to.

It is worth mentioning the high level of success achieved when Nina Ricci first tested this feature in Spain. All expectations were surpassed by the campaign, as unprecedented results were obtained. This was accounted for by the large number of potential customers that were accessed for a new product. Over 41% increase in conversion rate was obtained when Nina Ricci used this campaign to promote Nina Rose, which is a new fragrance produced by the brand.