3 Ways to Fully Optimize Tik Tok Campaigns

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

People want to be able to check the status of their Tik Tok to keep track of how it is doing. It is essential to track campaign performance and make any adjustments accordingly to fully optimize the campaign. Here are three tips to help you do just that.  

  • More than One Creative

The performance will be enhanced if the user uses at least 3 different creatives. This will help to keep the ad fresh and not allow ad fatigue to set in. When making ads, the user should do things that make the ad original. There is an option to use free Tik Tok music, as well as text overlays to add-in. The goal is to make the ad unique and fresh. Collaborating with other people, especially those already with a fanbase established, will help boost the ratings. Boosted Tik Toks is a great feature used to direct your ad towards a certain group of people. Another suggestion is working with a creator who specializes in doing the type of ad you’re looking for. All of these means help keep your ad fresh and allow more people to view them.

  • Big Audience

Tik Tok Ads Manager allows the user to customize almost every detail to specific exactly the audience they are looking for. Most people haven’t really gotten an understanding of where to direct their ad at the beginning of their campaign. This is when it’s important to create a broad audience and allow Tik Tok to automatically set up a group it feels best to view your ad. An intelligent system in place will monitor and analyze the data. 

The user can then view the results and make adjustments accordingly, with suggestions in place. Once there is data on file, the user should then create audiences that are similar and of high value to the user. Tik Tok will seek out customers of the same type and match them with the user to ensure better results. Before making any major changes to the audience aimed towards, the user should test different thoughts and ideas related to ad and then narrow the search field.  

  • Check Your Events

When users click to “add to cart” or “purchase”, they are doing what is known as an event or taking action. All of these clicks are recorded and can be adjusted accordingly. The user wants to make sure it is keeping track of relevant data, meaning where the clicks are taking place. So, the user should run tests to see what actions the customers are clicking. The user could switch the campaign for lower-level events such as “add to cart” or “page view” because the majority of the time, these are getting the most clicks. Once data is collected and Tik Tok understands who’s looking at the post, the user could switch to high-level events to continue collecting data. All of this is suggested to be done in unison with TikTok Pixel Helper. This is a good aid in checking to make sure there are no bugs and reviewing recommendations to implement or not.