TikTok Maximum Speed

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

TikTok’s trajectory may be viewed as a sprint rather than a long-distance race. Constant viral content based on current growth rates.

Since Bytone, the Tik Tok management firm, purchased Musically in 2017, users and downloads have been steadily increasing. It was passing to be the most downloaded App in the US in a single year (one of the marketplaces that best indicates the muscle of a platform) to consolidate in 2020 as the main goal of all brands.

The Added Benefit

Tik Tok has a highly active and dedicated population, primarily between the ages of 14 and 21, whose goal is to be a group member. Above and beyond their engagement, they are present in the “Challenges,” uniting viral content issues and memes.

Furthermore, the site has a straightforward operation that allows you to post many videos that stand out while also allowing for extensive customization and editing: the filter options are nearly limitless. Check out the top Tik Tok instructions if you want to understand more about the App’s worth.

TikTok marketing campaigns

With Tik Tok’s expansion proven in the Spanish market (+ 17M users with an average of 53 minutes of app permanence), the next step is establishing a Business center to manage campaigns and brand demands.

After everything was said and done, Tik Tok officially launched Tik Tok for Business a few days ago. It is worth noting that we have been launching campaigns since 2019, with Adsmurai serving as the platform in Beta.

We’ll tell you some information and our experience with Tik Tok now that the rollout of its Business Center has been extended.

For all accounts, Tik Tok for Business has three goals: “Conversions,” “Traffic,” and “Apps Installs.” Three pure performance objectives. There are other objectives for “Reach” and “Views,” however they are still in testing and do not yet support dynamic advertisements through a catalog. In terms of campaign structure, it follows the standard approach of Campaign> Ad Group> Ad.

In terms of Ad groups and their segmentation, it is possible to employ “Custom audiences” or “Lookalike audiences” (similar to Facebook) via the platform’s pixel, in addition to the platform’s standard segmentations of gender, geography, ages, and some hobbies.

In our experience with Tik Tok, we have confirmed the platform’s adaptability and high performance. They have achieved acceptable achievements vertically with Bershka or Pull & Bear, education with EAE, and tourism with Alsa. They do admirably not just in their core ages (+13, +16) but also in older audiences (+24).

It is important to remember that we must use the platform responsibly and by the standards. Forget about reusing IG stories material or reusing a clone of Twitter. Tik Tok necessitates a distinct style and tone: fast transitions, compacted information, and intense music. Adapting to Tik Tok is critical since users are not tolerant of outsiders.