6 TikTok Advertising Best Practices

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

More than 3 billion downloads worldwide, an average of 89 minutes per user each day, 546 billion monthly video views, and 22,600 TikToks per hour. TikTok has unquestionably captured the attention of the entire world. But what if your Ads fail to pique the platform’s algorithm’s interest?   

Creativity is one of the most critical components of building a TikTok campaign for your e-commerce. Finding the ideal creative is a process of trial and error until the user’s attention is captured. Adsmurai’s TikTok creative recommendations are as follows.   

  • Use hashtags to get noticed.  

The homepage of TikTok, ForYou, or parati were established for the purpose of discovery. Use hashtags and optimize your ads for when they appear on it. People who have seen, liked, or shared videos with the same hashtag will see your material on TikTok.  

Every day, new trends emerge on TikTok. Your brand’s reach will be multiplied if you use popular hashtags.  

Knowing the culture and trends of TikTok when creating your ads will allow your campaign’s creativity to scale.   

  • As a user, take part in the discussion.  

Your brand, like your commercials, should be a part of TikTok as if it were a user of the platform. Explore the platform and engage with users by providing them with genuine and authentic material. Here are some suggestions:  

To look like original content, your adverts should be vertically formatted. The smartphone is the most common device used to access the app. Make sure your films include real-life people and circumstances to help users understand why they should test your product. Tutorials and routines can be used to add value. To become viral, use organic content in your ads and start challenges.   

  • Form a group.  

Collaborate with influencers and hire people who are familiar with the platform. Influencer marketing is a robust business that allows you to develop effective methods. If you want to get better results on TikTok using influencers, make sure they look natural and have a following that is similar to the target you want to influence.  

Use the substance of these techniques in addition to collaborations. To increase reach and improve results, share and promote it. 

  • Make genuine connections with your target audience.  

To engage with your target audience, create material with purpose, and always maintain your brand authentic and original. Your creativity should be consistent with your brand image and engaging to your target audience.  

  • Copies are a must-have essential for your ads,

Your ad will not be seen in its entirety by all TikTok users. As a result, it’s critical to produce a succinct and informative description. Here are some of our suggestions for your TikTok video:   

  • The copy is crucial, and the words serve as platform metadata. 
  • To get closer to your target audience, use 1 to 5 hashtags. 
  • Subtitles can be used to increase user engagement. 
  • The CTA is necessary. It’s preferable if it’s easy and straightforward: buy, learn more, get started…   
  • Diversify your content and make your adverts stand out.  

Your brand will develop as a result of creative marketing. To increase interaction, we propose developing several sorts of TikTok. What formats can you use to make your advertisements stand out? 

  • Transitions 
  • Duos
  • Trends
  • Series
  • Responses 

To make your advertising more pleasant, remember to include background music. TikTok offers a commercial music collection with over 7,000 tracks, so don’t utilize unlicensed music or sounds.