Types of Businesses That Use TikTok

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

TikTok is the most downloaded app in the iOS App Store from January 2018 – March 2019. That’s five successive quarters.

The NBA uses TikTok also to ESPN, with indeed better results. They’ve further than5.5 a million suckers and 79 million hearts. Whoever is running the account does a great job of differentiating the content with everything from basketball highlights to delightful addict highlight vids like this guy showing off his intriguing cotillion moves.

Numerous NBA brigades also have their accounts. The Chicago Bulls have taken it to the coming position with an account for Benny the Bull’s mascot. Benny has further followers on TikTok than on Instagram.

He also collaborates vids with other phylacteries, like this bone with the Philadelphia Pamphlets’ mascot Gritty. This videotape highlights one of the numerous-marketing openings available on TikTok.

Despite the rapid-fire stoner growth, it’s still early days. However, it’s easy to read papers like this and incontinently produce your account and start posting TikTok vids, If you’re susceptible to candescent- object patterns. That’s infrequently a good idea for a marketing strategy.

Some of the brands you would anticipate to be early adopters — including musicians, sports brigades, and sodalities — are trying cool effects on TikTok. In numerous cases, their vids have different organic views and engagement than their native Instagram posts.


Bakeries, cutlet decorators, and confection cookers have been quick to borrow this platform. Due to the visual, largely demonstrative nature of baking, this bone makes sense. Utmost of the TikTok vids end up being cookers and cookers decorating cookies and cakes set to popular music. Numerous have amassed further than suckers using this strategy.

The Bailey Bakery has other than4.4 million suckers and 92 million hearts. All of their posts are just cookers decorating eyefuls with music in the background. Frequently, they use TikTok’s erected-in goods to speed up the process.

Colleges and Universities

With such a youthful demographic, it’s no surprise that numerous sodalities and universities have TikTok accounts. The University of Florida (UF) has further than 83,000 fans and 973,000 hearts. The account shares everything from pupil accomplishments and sports hype vids to before-the-scenes lot footage and cotillion challenges.

In this videotape, they showed off one pupil’s invention —” Gator Bubbly.”


When you suppose of TikTok druggies, attorneys are presumably not the first group to come to mind. There are dozens of attorneys on this platform. Some use it to make brand mindfulness and have fun, similar to Anthony Barbuto (@thelawyer), who has amassed further than1.8 a million followers and 26 million hearts.

Ecommerce Shops

Numerous lower mama-and-pop eCommerce shops, especially AliExpress merchandisers in Asia, use TikTok to participate in product demonstrations. They’ll frequently shows how one of their products works together with music in the background.

This post on TikTok from the Lomile Shop shares comparable organizing products and has further than 1.9 million hearts and 6,800 commentaries.


Unless you’re living under a gemstone, you’ve heard the song “Old Town Road” at least a sprinkle of times in the last time. The style of this song is largely due to how the rapper, Lil Nas X, cleverly used TikTok to get the word out.

Lil Nas X was relatively literally an unknown artist living in his parents’ basement two times alone. He was the first artist to fully understand TikTok’s meme culture and harness it to appeal to the “cool kiddies” to produce a viral megahit that has broken in numerous records, including the longest time spent as the number-one hit song on both Spotify and Billboard Hot 100.

Beforehand on, he posted a videotape of himself performing “Old Town Road” on TikTok, which turned into a meme. Due to TikTok’s echo culture, this meme spread like a campfire with over 513 million videotape views and further than 5 million people producing vids using the hashtag #oldtownroad, including this popular one of a guy riding a steed at McDonald’s.

From original bakeries and journals to attorneys, realtors, and small mama-and-pop eCommerce shops, a growing number of businesses you wouldn’t anticipate to be early adopters on a platform like TikTok are hopping on and seeing emotional results.

However, the overall reach and engagement situations of their TikTok vids are further than five times what they’d see on further established social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Law Enforcement Agencies

In addition to attorneys, there are numerous cops and entire Sheriff’s services using TikTok. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office — which formerly had a large, engaged following on other social media spots, including Twitter and YouTube — was one of the first to jump on the TikTok post. They’ve further than 295,000 fans and more than 3 million hearts.

The content on the account ranges from general tips and ride-along to before-the-scenes footage and deputies (like this one) doing their takes on popular TikTok cotillion challenges.


The Washington Post has further than 158,000 users on TikTok and 4 million hearts. If you look at their content, they do a great job integrating TikTok’s meme and fun challenge culture with participating in behind the scenes at the newsroom.

This post on TikTok shows a fun exchange between an editor and journalist and has further than 968,000 hearts and 165 commentaries.


Should your brand be on TikTok? As the swift-growing social media network, this is a valid question that further businesses should be asking. Above are just many exemplifications of how some early adopter brands are using TikTok.