Everything That You Will Need to Know About TikTok Shopping

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What is TikTok Shopping?

TikTok Shopping, as the name implies, allows TikTok users to purchase things directly from the app instead of having to open a web browser and go to a separate eCommerce site. “TikTok Shopping is the package of solutions, features, technologies that enable firms to take advantage of TikTok’s commerce potential,” according to the company.

When a business activates TikTok Shopping, its profile will include a dedicated Shopping option. A shopping bag icon is used to indicate this. Customers can then browse and pick things within TikTok before purchasing them, either within TikTok or via a link to its internet site.

TikTok began testing Shopping with many Shopify merchants in the United States and the United Kingdom, then moved to Canada. Still, it has since been extended out to a larger audience.

Links to Product Information

The ability to link or tag products in your TikTok videos is a key feature of TikTok Shopping. This way, you can mention products in your videos, and your viewers can learn more about them by clicking on the tagged products.

Putting TikTok Shopping to the Test

“Social commerce is one of the fastest-growing channels for Shopify merchants, especially as more creators rely on these platforms to create their businesses,” Shopify said at the start of the TikTok Shopping experiment.

Is TikTok Shopping Open to Everyone?

At first, TikTok Shopping was limited to a few Shopify-based retailers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and later Canada.

At the first TikTok World marketing event in September 2021, TikTok announced a program expansion. It’s now available in almost every country, and in addition to Shopify merchants, TikTok has developed apps for merchants on other platforms.

How to Get Started with TikTok Shopping

To use TikTok Shopping, you must first have a TikTok for Business account. Next, you should download the TikTok Shopify app if you have a Shopify store. Within Shopify, you can use the app to create video advertising, track results, and handle orders. In addition, the Shopify app connects with TikTok For Business Ads Manager and allows you to manage your TikTok Shopping tab.

What Can You Do to Make a TikTok Shop Succeed?

For your company TikTok account, you must guarantee that you have completed all necessary steps. Start by going over your TikTok bio. You may not have as many characters as some other social media sites, but make the most of what you do have by providing precise information about your company. To boost your SEO, use a few keywords, but make sure it reads naturally.

In your TikTok videos, be sure to indicate that people can buy directly from your store without leaving the app, give clear links, and explain how people may shop from your store.

Make use of branded hashtags.

People won’t utilize your TikTok Shopping if they aren’t aware of it. So it would be of help if you made as many people aware of your TikTok activities and chances as feasible. A Hashtag Challenge Plus is one way to do this, as it allows consumers to shop for things relevant to a sponsored hashtag. 

Use some of the other Shopify and other eCommerce platform apps’ tools.

These apps provide a lot more than just the opportunity to sell your goods on TikTok. Businesses looking to leverage TikTok as a channel are effectively all-in-one marketing tools.

Expansion Plans

TikTok believes that social commerce has a bright future on its platform.

Collection Ads, Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSAs), and Lead Generation are TikTok’s three in-feed ad offerings for online Shopping. Brands can use Collection Ads to add bespoke, swipeable product cards to their in-feed movies.