How Three Brands Have Wowed Gen Z via TikTok

Image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

Despite the easing of lockdown and a new normal beginning to be established in the UK and many other countries, TikTok still dictates trends, providing a much-needed space for Gen Z’s escapism, and helping brands become more viral than ever. At Fanbytes, we’ve got our mystery weapon which gives us access to TikTok data. This lets us tell customers how to use TikTok and provide them with essential insights.

We compiled a list of the most surprising brands that Gen Z has endorsed on TikTok. Want to see who made the cut?


To de-taboo the world of men’s grooming, @Manscaped used humor to educate consumers on its products. The content also features a central character to give the product a special stamp. They can easily identify within a few seconds of watching their videos.

With a 16.1% increase in followers, @Manscaped has an above-average engagement rate of 15.42%. Their text meme ‘snaps you’d get if we were dating’ pokes fun at the stereotypical ‘TikTok boy’ while tapping into the Snapchat culture. With a 20.18% engagement rate, this is one of their most engaging posts.

@manscapedswipe right♬ Instagram benvelazquezzz – ʙᴇɴᴊᴀᴍɪɴ

Brands like @Manscaped do self-deprecation well, and Gen Z endorses it. There was a huge 28.74% engagement rate on this post as well. Manscaped is a brand that is dedicated to learning and embracing the nuances of the platform. To blend in with the TikTok feed, they utilize the native TikTok feature known as ‘duets’ and captioned it: “POV: you’re asked to come on stage at the local library’s talent show”.


To create a new and exciting approach to their youth marketing, ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) contacted Fanbytes. They perceived their positioning as ‘uninteresting’, ‘monotonous’, ‘haughty’ and ‘closed’ to Gen Z.

Partnering with The Guardian was central to their brief of driving attendance at their online event. An expert panel discussed how to improve the representation of people from different socio-economic backgrounds in certain careers like accounting during this free event, titled ‘Breaking the Class Ceiling’.

As part of the brief, we selected TikTok influencers from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

@deafimmy, one of our most highly engaged influencers, inspired others with disabilities to attend the event and acted out a job interview role play with her mother.

The account @gelikanu is also an excellent example, often posting about career-related topics and universities.

Our unconventional activation engaged Gen Z on TikTok with 1.5 million views, exceeding the KPI by almost 10K views. Additionally, nearly 10K click-throughs to the Eventbrite page were achieved.


As a result of popularity of their iconic Percy Pig, tapping into #FoodTikTok, and responding to news and trends, M&S food has gained 101k followers, over 1.5 million likes, and an engagement rate of 14.58%.

A lot of brands aren’t aware that they don’t have to reinvent themselves to make their mark on TikTok. You just need to take something that people are familiar with and love about your brand and put it in a way that suits the app’s interactions and content.

They achieved an engagement rate of 18.29% with the video of layering and decorating the Percy Pig pancakes.

With 14.9 billion views, #FoodTikTok has drove recipes such as #FetaPasta, #pestoeggs #DalgonaCoffee and, #TortillaTrend, to the top of search results.

Percy Pig has been one of M&S Food’s biggest brand identifiers in the eyes of a younger audience, as well as embracing viral trends and building engaged communities.

Finally, TikTok has proven that it can drive results for brands of all kinds. These brands weren’t initially deemed Gen Z-friendly, but they won over Gen Z’s sympathy. You can achieve the same result if you take the time to understand your audience better.