The Best TikTok Analytics Tools for 2022

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TikTok is a great platform to use if you’re trying to reach people in Generation Z and younger. For iPhone users in 2020, it was the second most popular app. The most downloaded app in 2020, if Android and Apple downloads are combined, was also the most downloaded app in all of 2019.

TikTok was not only downloaded, but it was also actively utilized by people all over the globe. This is the important stuff, after all. TikTok presently has a higher engagement rate than both YouTube and Instagram, according to statistics from Upfluence. TikTok’s engagement rates were approximately 18 percent for micro-influencers, about six times greater than Instagram.

Setting objectives should be one of the first things you do before commencing a marketing campaign. You’ll need a TikTok analytics tool to figure out whether your campaign’s aims were met in the end. It’s possible to gather all the data you need using these tools and then use it to improve your TikTok campaigns and, ultimately, your success.

We’ve searched the Internet to uncover the top TikTok analytics solutions presently on the market. There is a good chance that this list will continue to increase as more social media analytics tools include TikTok capabilities.

The Best TikTok Analytical Tools in the Year 2022

1. The Brand24

In addition to Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch, you can monitor your hashtags on TikTok using Brand24, not a full-scale TikTok analytics platform. Monitoring your brand or product on the Internet is the primary purpose of this service. It may also be used to gauge the level of interest in a certain brand, product, or phrase.

This tool may help you learn how many hashtags are being used, where they’re being used on social media, and how they’re trending. It’s a one-stop-shop for hashtag analytics. Your hashtags may be tracked using the volume chart. Use hashtag analytics to determine how many people see your hashtags on various social media platforms and other outlets. Using Brand24, you’ll be alerted to any changes in the performance of your hashtags.

(Brand24 Hashtag Analytics’) most notable features include:

  • Monitoring the impact of your hashtags
  • Identifying influencers that are utilizing your hashtags to promote your content
  • Utilizing your hashtags to discover the people who are utilizing them the most

2. Iconosquare

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all included in the Iconosquare social media analytics and management tool, which just added TikTok to its list of social networks. In their view, their solution is a useful addition to the already-existing TikTok analytics.

Using Iconosquare, influencers and companies can see whether they’re on the correct path to a successful strategy and make deliberate choices based on accurate data which Iconosquare gives.

You have Pro (targeting small companies and professionals), Advanced (targeting marketing teams), and Enterprise levels (targeting major organizations) (best for agencies and larger social media teams). Annual billing starts at $49/month for Pro.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

  • Performance and engagement metrics
  • Detailed stats for each video.
  • Amongst the most captivating
  • The best time to post
  • A look at the history of views, likes, comments, shares, and more. Posting patterns and timeliness
  • media’s time in the spotlight
  • Exporting a chart

3. Analisa

Analisa, established in 2019, has already had a positive impact on businesses in 57 nations. It is targeted at influencers, brand marketers, media publishers, and agencies powered by artificial intelligence. Data such as the number of likes and statistics are also available via Analisa (an analysis of this raw data).

Unfortunately, TikTok data and analytics are not included in Analisa’s free plan. Sign up for one of the paying plans if you want to utilize it on TikTok. TikTok data use severely restricted the lowest plan, which begins at only $69 per month. Since the Plus plan costs $149 a month, or $239 for the Pro plan, joining up for either one is preferable.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

  • Demographics of the people that follow you
  • In-depth coverage of the campaign
  • An examination of the subject matter

4. TrendTok

Track, discover, and predict trends in TikTok by area and category with the app TrendTok. When it comes to creating viral videos and getting more followers, this advice may help you get ahead of the game. Artificial intelligence allows us to customize the trend ideas for you. It’s easy to keep track of your favorite trends by saving them as favorites.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

  • Trend analysis for new, growing, and decreasing trends
  • Prediction of future trends using artificial intelligence
  • Personalized trend recommendations

5. Popsters

You may compare and assess the effectiveness of your TikTok postings with Popsters. You may, for example, see which kind of postings are most popular with your target audience or assess success factors like the time of publishing or the use of hashtags.

Its price structure differs from that of the majority of similar tools. Rather than charging customers based on their benefits, this service charges for the length of time the company has had access to previous data. You can get a month of Popsters for only $9.99, while a year of Popsters costs $89.99. Only one user and one social network are included in all options.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

  • Filtering posts
  • Post selection
  • File Formats Supported for Exporting
  • Graphs showing activity statistics

6. Pentos

Monitoring and analytics are the main functions of Pentos. We’ll concentrate on analytics in this post. Therefore we’ll talk about that feature. Using the analytics function, you can maintain track of your organic activation efforts and access extensive performance statistics for profiles, posts, hashtags, and music. It is possible to boost your audience by using these measures for videos and songs, and hashtags.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

  • Song analytics
  • Video analytics
  • Profile analytics
  • Hashtags analytics
  • A summary of each week’s results
  • Data may be exported as a CSV or PDF file.
  • Sorting of Data

7. Quintly 

Since its inception in 2010, it has grown from a simple comparison tool for Facebook pages to a service utilized by 100,000 people, including the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Adobe, and Warner Bros.

Marketing firms and businesses love it because it provides an easy-to-read dashboard that can be shared with clients and corporate management. With its sophisticated reporting features, you can turn your data into periodic, automatic reports that include notes.

The lowest plan starts at $300 per month and is only available as a bespoke plan. As a result, you will need to contact Quintly to learn more about pricing.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

  • More than 400 metrics
  • Automated data collection and reporting
  • The number of people you follow and the people you follow you back¬†

8. Exolyt

Unlike some other analytics services, Exolyt focuses entirely on the TikTok social media platform. With this tool, you’ll be able to keep track of your stats and get a better sense of how your material is being consumed.

You may compare two TikTok profiles side-by-side with this functionality. Not only can you discover which influencer has a larger following, but you can also discover which influencer has a higher level of interaction with their audience.

Using Exolyt, you may view a four-day history and basic data for free. The Influencer plan, which costs $12 a month, offers more sophisticated analytics and access to more historical data. As an agency, you may inquire about a complete package that includes a marketing campaign analysis and an influencer identification function if you are interested. They also want to create an Influencer Pro plan in the future, as stated on their website.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

  • Video statistics
  • Stats on the development of your profile
  • Tracking your development daily

9. Socialinsider

The Instagram marketing tool Socialinsider may also be used for TikTok analytics, making it one of the most useful marketing tools for Instagram. Track and monitor your influencer network or get an overview of your various marketing efforts with this tool for digital firms. Overall, it’s one of the greatest social media analytics tools.

Comparing influencers side by side allows you to see which ones have the highest levels of interaction. You can use this to generate side-by-side comparisons if you want to see how your company stacks up against others.

One of the most expensive instruments in this category. The lowest monthly package is $99, and the rest go up from there. The Small Agency plan is $169 per month, and if you require additional features, you may inquire with Socialinsider about a bespoke plan.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

Follower growth and data such as the number of people that connect with a post on average and the average engagement rate

  • The data in your profile
  • The most popular hashtags¬†

10. The TikRank app

TikRank is a TikTok influencer analysis tool that is completely free of charge. TikTok influencers are the focus of this app. TikRank is a very simple analytics tool compared to many of its competitors. Users may access a database of more than a million influencers, including their amount of views, followers, and videos, through the site.

Shortly, we want to provide even more functionality. Tracking and analyzing a brand’s increase in unfollowers and fans is only one of the many features available.

11. Melody socials

The two founders of Melody Socials spent hundreds of hours looking for influencers before deciding to create their platform. They despised the procedure so much that they constructed a program that would search for them. As a TikTok analytics tool, it does use data to help you browse through the profiles of other TikTok users that are most likely to interest you.

It’s not inexpensive, so consider that. There is a $299 monthly fee for the least package. If you want to search by sound and schedule queries to run sequentially, you’ll need to join up for either the Agency ($499 per month) or Platform ($999 per month) plans.

12. Storyclash 

Storyclash allows you to maintain tabs on your brand, influencer efforts, and platform rivals. Similar to TrendTok, you may use Storyclash to find out what’s presently trending on the Internet. This feature has the potential to help you enhance your marketing approach. You may come up with many content ideas for your next campaign by looking through hundreds of popular videos.

Storyclash is the only place to go if you want to learn about price. Exactly like Quintly, they only provide plans that are completely tailored to the customer’s needs.

The following are some of its most distinguishing characteristics:

Comparing your brand’s performance to that of its industry rivals

Reports on the success of your influencer marketing programs

Finding TikTok brand references

13. TikTok Pro Account

Alternatively, you may use TikTok Pro instead of purchasing a separate piece of third-party technology. For example, you can see when (and at what time) your video was most often seen by viewers using TikTok Pro’s in-depth statistics. As a result of this information, you’ll be better prepared to adjust your platform behavior.

This is a free and simple account to set up. The option to “Switch to Pro Account” may be found in your account’s privacy and settings section.