How To Succeed on Tik Tok

Photo by Liza Summer:

In the modern-day world, social media has grasped our lives. TikTok is one of the top-notch social media platforms that has grown widely and has become a dynamic social media community. It does not limit street dancers; groups of researchers also use it to spread their word. Every ordinary person is allowed on TikTok despite their number of followers, be it only 200 or 200K.

TikTok algorithm

TikTok runs on algorithms, and they are complex and getting more advanced. Presently, they weigh your content, user activity, the topic under discussion, language, and even minute feedback.

Theme/Content: Main content flow is observed, including keywords, hash-tags, sounds

  • User Activity:

How well does the video engage the audience, including comments, likes, shares, and replays?

  • Location and Language:

The algorithm can scan the device’s location, language settings, and type of device (mobile/computer).

  • Feedback: Not-interested:

The algorithm can distinguish high-engaging videos through “not interested” marked videos, hidden users, and skipped videos.

  • The number of followers:

The algorithm is not impacted by the number of followers or previously high-impact videos.

What is a viral video on Tik Tok?

Viral videos have a strong flow of followers and views. Although no exact number of views makes your video viral, a rough estimation of five million views within a week is considered a viral sensation on Tik Tok. In addition, million video views are considered medium-range viral videos.

Tips that can make you viral on Tik Tok:

If you are new to Tik Tok and have no followers/history, you could still be viral and famous. You can follow these steps:

Engaging Content/ Video length:

Keep your content original, precise and appealing. As of July 2021, the total length of a video was increased up to 3 minutes from the initial 15 seconds. Hence, you only have 180 seconds in total. The first ten seconds should be the most substantial and have interesting gauging for hooking your audience until the end. However, don’t oversell yourself at the start of the video.

Spotlight your expertise:

Focus on your expertise in making videos. The algorithm will acknowledge the focus of thought and target the correct audience. For example, makeup reviews/tutorials will be shown to people searching for such topics using the appropriate keywords.

Describe a story:

Connect every second of your video through a story or a tale. It will keep the audience occupied till the last second of the video. Most people are interested in knowing the ending of a story; hence, keep your videos interesting till the end.

Add stories that can be relatable to the common public.

Trending sounds:

Use high-quality tunes, melodies, and trending songs in the market. People will always be interested in watching new trending themes/music videos.

An appropriate time for posting videos:

The optimal time for posting videos matters; and can also vary. Your audience might like to scroll after waking up/before sleep, during lunch breaks, and even during public transport. It depends on your posting content, location, and time zones. You can observe the graph or trend of an appropriate time frame when your videos are most viewed.


Bring into play the accurate hash-tags, as they are the keywords for your content search. The algorithm distinguishes each hash-tag and magnetizes the target audience.

Share your videos:

Use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and social media platforms to share your videos and appealing more viewers. In addition, they can help you to support short videos on a larger scale.

Work together with content creators:

Expand your base by collaborating with relevant videographers or content creators with a common niche. Co-creation always boosts profile and opportunities.

Respect your audience:

Be respectful to your audience and appreciate their comments/suggestions. Additionally, address negativity in a professional approach without losing temperament.

Try giving mini-lessons:

With a limited and precise timetable, people prefer using shortcuts to get their tasks done. You can teach your audience by giving a small/short lesson and making your videos exciting yet informative.