How to Get Followers on TikTok: 10 Top Tips

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TikTok is no longer the new kid on the block. This social networking platform has more than a billion monthly active members. This is why the usage of TikTok influencers in marketing is on the rise. It’s time to start treating your TikTok presence seriously and establishing your brand if you want to get recognized and compensated for working with businesses you love. How? We’ve got you covered.

10 tips for increasing your TikTok followers

Identify your intended audience

Getting new followers starts with understanding everything you can about your present followers. What type of material are they seeking on TikTok? What sort of videos, if any, are they interested in?

If you have a Business account on TikTok, you’ll have access to tons of data-rich insights that tell you a lot about your audience. Look at your followers and how they respond to your posts to get a sense of who they are and what they like. In that case, keep it up! The more relevant and interesting the information is to your intended audience, the more they will read it.

Amplify the video quality.

TikToks need not be cinematic masterpieces, but low-quality audio and video will make your films easy to ignore. Investing in a ring light or a little microphone, for example, might do wonders for making your videos extra nice, depending on the type of material you generate. Choosing a peaceful, well-lit location is an easy technique to improve your video quality.

Take advantage of the trendiest sounds and music

There is a good reason why these songs are popular now. They’re mainstream, and record labels frequently promote them. Including popular music or sound effects in your videos is a simple approach to boost their visibility in the eyes of the algorithm. You can browse trendy music under the explore tab, or utilize the tunes that the TikTok app proposes when you film a new video.

You don’t have to follow the trending topic, though. Check that it is relevant to your specialty and audience.

Include popular hashtags in your posts.

Hashtags are just as important for Instagram as they are for any other social networking site. Increasing your visibility on people’s For You Page may be as simple as using trending hashtags (and making your videos related to those topics).

Look at the work of other Creators in your field to get ideas for relevant hashtags to use. You may type “#” to view a list of currently popular hashtags when writing your description. 

Get your content recognized

If you want more attention, you should follow the trends. However, you should also be creating original material, such as videos that set you apart from the competition. What do you provide for your fans that they can’t obtain elsewhere?

If you want to stand out in a crowd, try giving popular ideas your spin.

Stitch and duet

Invest time and energy into interacting with other Creators and companies on the site. In spite of the name, it’s social media. This is one of the greatest ways to accomplish it when you take an existing video on TikTok and place your own spin on it using the duet or stitch tools.

If you and the video’s original author are both popular in your field, a duet video is a great opportunity to garner more exposure and new subscribers. Even consistently commenting on other Creators’ content is a terrific and genuine way to be noticed.

Interact with brands with branded hashtags

If you peek at the top popular hashtags on TikTok, you’ll likely find a few branded ones. As a form of promotion, businesses may initiate and financially support hashtag challenges and trends. If you’re interested in working with these businesses in the future, using these hashtags is a great way to get your foot in the door.

It’s as simple as researching a hashtag, seeing what other Creators have come up with, and putting your own twist on it. For example, mattress maker Simmons offered the #Snoozzzapalooza challenge, where Creators converted their bedroom into a music festival by stage diving into their mattresses. Branded hashtags are generally easy challenges that you may interpret in a way that matches your specialty and audience.

Let loose and enjoy yourself

We hate to seem cliche, but in the end, it’s all about having a good time. Your videos on TikTok may suffer if you take the platform too seriously. But your enthusiasm will shine through if you make something you’re truly excited about.

When you’re having a good time, you’re naturally generating compelling material that others want to see.

Post at the perfect moment

You shouldn’t post new videos at 3 a.m. if you want people to watch them. You need to post videos while your fans and potential fans actively use the app and look through the content. With a business account, though, it’s simple to monitor such data.

You can see when your followers are most active on TikTok by checking the Follower Activity section of the Business Suite part of the app.

Cooperate with Brands

Working with a company that matches your beliefs is an efficient method to grow your audience. TikTok’s Creator community has grown exponentially over the past few years. Businesses are always eager to collaborate with the community’s most dedicated and skilled individuals through influencer marketing.