How to Use the Friends Tab on TikTok

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

TikTok is expanding at a quick rate, which is common knowledge. With more than a billion monthly users and 8 new users signing up every second, TikTok has profoundly impacted the development of the Creator community. The app is always updating, with new filters and features like the TikTok Library and lengthier, 10-minute videos and reward plans for Creators like you. And while there are undoubtedly countless approaches to emulating Instagram’s success on TikTok, we believe that the most crucial thing for Creators is to always be aware of and use the platform’s newest features.

Thus, let me introduce you to your new TikTok Friends! It’s a tool that’ll put you in touch with more of your friends.

We’re used to seeing videos of total strangers whose tastes match our own as we click through our For You pages; that is true. However, the new TikTok Friends feature significantly enhances the app’s social capabilities.

What is the TikTok Friends function all about?

The TikTok Friends feature opens up a new world of possibilities within the app. There’s a new option in the menu bar that filters out everything but posts from individuals you’ve added as “friends” or those who have followed you and reciprocated. And it will feature a bunch of videos we think you’ll enjoy (according to the algorithm).

Ever since the app’s launch, users have had to use the For You Page to watch videos. The algorithm is effective (we know it’s getting scary at this point), but it lacked the ‘friends’ feature that its rivals offered. But things are different now. There’s a new section where you may view only posts from people you both follow.

Although TikTok currently provides a “following” content stream, the “Friends” tab only displays videos shared by users who have followed you.

You have nothing to worry about. The For You Page hasn’t changed, so you can expect to find all of the same highly tailored information you’ve expected. Keep up with your favorite Creators and accounts by adding them to your Friends list.

The Discover tab has been replaced with the Friends tab on your toolbar, while its future status is uncertain. You may still conduct a search; simply use the search bar that appears when you mouse over the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your main feed.

Using the Friends section on TikTok

So easy! Access the Friends section of your TikTok app by tapping the two-people symbol in the program’s menu bar. Videos posted to TikTok by your friends are indexed here.

When you’ve seen everything there is to see in that feed; you can either go back to your FYP for additional videos or add new friends to truly make your Friends feed stand out.

To make more friends:

1. Select Profile in the right-hand corner.

2. Select the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.

3. Navigate to the Privacy and Settings menu.

4. Go to Settings > Privacy > Sync contacts and Facebook friends.

5. To activate or deactivate the account suggestion features, tap the toggle button next to Sync contacts or Sync Facebook friends. In addition, you can delete synchronized contacts at any time.

After that, TikTok will go through your contacts or Facebook pals to see if any of them also have an account.