What Are You Missing When It Comes to TikTok Hashtags?

Photo by Katie Harp on Unsplash

Finding out which hashtag mistakes are hurting your TikTok growth is crucial. When you spend hours shooting and editing content, nothing stinks like using incorrect hashtags. 

Tiktok has tons of features for entrepreneurs and users to gain massive visibility and market their brands. By including hashtags in your videos, you may be able to gain many views and followers. In contrast, hashtags can easily be misused, which can negatively impact your growth on TikTok. Below are some tips to avoid using TikTok hashtags that will hurt your growth. 

TikTok hashtag mistakes you should avoid

  1. Unrelated hashtags

The trending hashtags on TikTok are unique growth features, but not all of them are necessary for your business or brand. An irrelevant hashtag will attract audiences that are not interested in your offer, resulting in a high bounce rate and hurting your growth efforts. You should avoid using #FYP as a hashtag. Observe what hashtags and strategies your competitor’s community uses to grow.

  • Ignoring industry-specific hashtags

Most TikTok hashtags are popular hashtags. The use of community-centered hashtags often gets overlooked by marketers, who tend to focus only on trendy hashtags. If you want to reach your target audience, take the time to use hashtags that other entrepreneurs in your niche are using.

  • Overusing hashtags 

It’s not always true that multiple hashtags work as well as they look. Your ideal audience will be unable to find you if you use too many hashtags. Use four to five trending hashtags, as well as niche- and community-based hashtags. When including hashtags in your video(s), make sure they are relevant to your brand/content.

  • Make sure your hashtags are trending

What’s the point of following trends? Especially when you’re a newbie on TikTok, it can be tempting to use the newest hashtags. You may be able to draw a lot of traffic to your profile with trending hashtags. However, your brand audience may have a hard time finding your profile with popular hashtags. Utilize both trending and brand-relevant hashtags.

  • Avoiding trending hashtags

As well, ignoring trending hashtags won’t help your Tiktok content. Hashtags are the driving force behind social media trends on any platform. You can grow your TikTok business by using trending hashtags. 

  • Avoid using local hashtags 

What would be the point of ignoring hashtags that are common in your local community? It’s a mistake. If you want people to join your TikTok marketing community, use hashtags in your videos. Local hashtags will also be beneficial for businesses with a physical location. 

Tips for using Tiktok hashtags to grow your business

Use hashtags in your content and challenge your followers to reshare it using hashtags. Observe what hashtags are being used in your niche before joining the TikTok tagging party. Use hashtags that pertain to your content and campaign. They should be simple so that they can be remembered.

Final thoughts

With hashtags as your secret weapon, you will be able to grow your business on TikTok quickly. Interested? Let’s get started! Make sure you upload the right hashtags to your content.