TikTok Introduces "Branded Mission"

Photo by Gustavo Fring: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-listening-to-music-4017436/

Every week, TikTok introduces a new feature that significantly enhances the app. When was the most recent update released? They’ve got this new advertising solution called Branded Mission, and it’s helping them maintain their status as the go-to mobile app for companies looking to reach millennials and Gen Zers on mobile devices.

What is the Branded Mission of TikTok?

With the help of Branded Mission, an integrated advertising solution, Creators can more easily produce sponsored influencer content that is by the brand’s goal. Even though it’s currently in development, soon this feature will make it possible for companies to crowdsource material from Creators and convert the most successful films into advertisements.

How does it function?

Brands use the tool to inform the Creator community of their desired video aesthetic. The next step is for creators to engage in the “missions” that inspire them before uploading their work. Once the company has reviewed the user-generated material, it will choose videos to promote as advertisements and pay the Creators who had their videos promoted.

How would TikTok Branded Mission assist brands?

The goal of TikTok’s Branded Mission is to make it easier for Creators and brands to collaborate and to bring them together if they have yet to know each other. So, what are the most salient advantages?

1. Engage a wider range of creators                           

Branded Mission allows companies to reach out to more Creators, including those making authentic content because they care deeply about the topic.

In order to take part in Branded Missions, TikTok users must be above the age of 18 and have at least 1,000 followers. This implies that almost anybody with a compelling brief may collaborate with businesses, paving the way for fruitful new relationships.

2. No more exchanges

Typically, brands will compile a lengthy brief outlining their ideal video content and then post it. It’s meant to assist companies in being forthright about their payment policies and requirements, leaving no room for misunderstanding.

Creators whose videos are selected at this time will get a one-time payment independent of how well each video does. The brief’s possible pay and overall appeal will determine whether or not a creator chooses to participate.

3. New partnership openings

Traditionally, businesses have used influencer marketing by reaching out to relevant Creators, but this connection should go both ways to be successful. With Branded Mission, Creators may take the initiative and submit their videos in response to requirements that are a good fit for their brand. Brands may connect with Creators they would not have come across via more traditional influencer marketing channels and develop mutually beneficial collaborations.

4. More opportunities for the brand

You may still increase brand visibility, reach new prospective consumers, and keep your name top-of-mind even if you only accept some pieces of UGC that a Creator submits in response to your brief.

When can we expect to see TikTok Branded Mission released?

In beta testing in over a dozen countries, TikTok Branded Mission is expanding rapidly. By the end of 2022, it will be made accessible to a wider range of businesses and manufacturers.