How to Promote Your TikTok Video in 2023 and Get More Views

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With 1 billion users, Tik Tok has surpassed all other apps in growth. Many people believe that TikTok is the ideal social media platform for content providers to expand their fan bases. Nonetheless, gaining traction on TikTok may take time and effort.

Don’t give up if you don’t have a large subscriber base; smart marketing will help you attract an audience. In the following, we’ll talk more about these factors.

Getting Views on TikTok When You Don’t Have Any Followers?

Make use of popular and timely hashtags.

Using hashtags is a surefire way to attract more eyes to your work. In order to increase the number of people who see your video, you should utilize relevant hashtags before posting it. You’ll also see a link to your videos on the “For You” tab of a trending topic.

Integrate a hot hashtag into your niche-specific hashtag. Under the Discover menu, choose Trends to see the most popular hashtags used.

Incorporate Popular Music into Your Work

To boost your popularity on TikTok, utilize both trendy hashtags and songs. If a song is popular, it’s probably because many people are listening to it or watching a video that features it.

Interact with other users.

Engaging with your intended audience is a certain way to boost your show’s popularity. It’s easy to show appreciation for the people watching your videos by responding to their comments and direct messages.

As a result, they will have more confidence in you and be more likely to recommend your site to their friends and followers. If you interact with your demographic and create a loyal fan base for your brand, you will see a rise in your audience size and retention rates.

Don’t just upload your video whenever you think it’s appropriate.

A strong desire to share your newly-created TikTok video prompts you to do so. Is this, however, a good moment to share your video? Most likely not. More people will be online and perhaps watch your video if you post it at peak activity hours.

The following are the “best times” to post on TikTok, as determined by Influencer Marketing Hub.

Promote your work across different platforms.

The best places to share your TikTok videos are Instagram stories, YouTube shorts, and any other network where you have a sizable audience. Sharing your Tik Tok videos as Instagram stories is great if you already have a sizable Instagram following. You may expect a rise in your video’s view count after your Instagram followers start watching it.

You may reach more individuals who aren’t using TikTok by sharing your videos on other social media sites. Your video views and subscriber count will both increase as a result.

Engage with the latest viral videos

Get involved with popular videos in your field right now. If you go to the site’s search box and input pertinent hashtags relating to your field, you’ll be sent to a list of popular videos. After selecting a hashtag, TikTok will play the most popular videos within that category.

By commenting on the videos, send them some encouraging words or your own thoughts and observations. Subtly inserting a link to your videos inside the text while maintaining a genuine tone is a great strategy.

Trending videos often appeal to the same demographic as your own, so engaging with them may boost your audience size.

Use the TikTok “Promote” feature.

Promoting a premium option in the TikTok app may help you get more views. It resembles commercials on TikTok. In order to support this initiative, you must purchase TikTok coins. Similar to an advertisement campaign, this will get your videos in front of more eyes as “sponsored content,” which should increase your channel’s viewership.

You’ll be prompted to choose an objective before the campaign kicks off. Select “More Views” to see more content. It will allow you to connect with more people and generate more interest.

Collaborate with other creators and influencers

Establish partnerships with other creators and influencers in your field. Together, you can increase exposure to both of your audiences. Collaborating with another party may expand your reach to a larger audience.

The TikTok influencer you choose to work with should have a sizable fan base and a high rate of viewer participation. Using TikTok’s Duet function, you may create such videos remotely.

Key Considerations for the TikTok Algorithm

You should familiarize yourself with the TikTok algorithm, which is responsible for selecting the videos on the ‘For You’ tab. To enhance your views, you must thus study the inner workings of the TikTok algorithm.

Three main variables contribute to greater search engine rankings:

User interaction

When determining your content’s rating, the Tiktok Algorithm considers user engagement. Can you define user interactions for me? In order to determine whether your audience enjoyed your material, it looks at metrics like the number of likes, views, comments, and shares.

Your content’s popularity will directly impact how often TikTok suggests it to users.

Video information

The video’s metadata (hashtags, subtitles, effects, sounds, etc.) are also considered by TikTok’s algorithm. Because of their significance in TikTok’s algorithm, we advise you to include well-written subtitles, relevant hashtags, and, if possible, popular noises in your videos.

Optional user settings

TikTok’s algorithm will verify users’ device settings before their content is shared with the public. It will see whether the device you’re using to upload the video is supported, what language you choose, and where you are.

But TikTok’s algorithm relies more on user interactions and video data than device settings.


TikTok has one billion users, making it the fastest-growing app in history. Many people believe that TikTok is the ideal social media platform for content providers to expand their fan bases. However, gaining popularity on TikTok might take a lot of work.