Social Media Mistakes: 5 TikTok Marketing Things You Shouldn’t Do

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

It’s no surprise that TikTok has become one of the top social media apps in the modern world. With the fresh content, easy to use tools, and growing user base, businesses looking to market themselves or their products should at least consider using the app.

However, make sure to stay away from these five marketing mistakes:

  1. Jumping on the bandwagon…for the wrong audience

TikTok is most popular among the younger generation, particularly in Generation Z and Millennials. The older generations are still present but only make up a small percentage of total users. When considering whether to market on TikTok, think about the target audience of the business, product, or service. If it aligns with things the younger generation is interested in, TikTok is a good option.

  • Uploading copied content is a no-no

It’s very easy to make videos for TikTok. Most users use the cameras on their phone and the app itself to add effects, music, text, and more. One of the trademark things TikTok is known for, however, is the unique content created by its users. Avoid taking content that was made by someone else or that doesn’t fit into the structure of the app and uploading it. This is highly frowned upon and could even result in being banned.

  • Being pushy isn’t attractive

Most ads encourage people to buy products or services by creating a sense of urgency or being aggressive. Unfortunately, they don’t work on TikTok. Remember that the app’s user base is younger, more impatient, and disapprove of forceful tactics to sell products. Encourage but don’t be overly pushy or users will ignore the content.

  • Ignoring collaborative tools available for marketing

The app is subtly reliant on marketing from companies and its own users. Similarly, creating content on TikTok that utilizes two-way promotions or collaborations is a popular tool that was established specifically for marketing. If a user works alongside a business to help promote them, the business gets more exposure on the user’s account and the user receives exposure on the business’s account. Paid promotions and sponsored videos are a part of this as well.

  • Uninteresting content is the bane of any TikToker’s presence

As with any social media platform, the content that is being produced should be interesting and engaging. Things that contribute to a video being uninteresting include poor audio quality, shaky or unappealing camera angles, music that doesn’t fit the video (or vice versa), and the content itself. TikTok has been known for its users’ unique and fresh content, which is also constantly changing. Additionally, adaptability to the latest trends is important to be successful on the app.

TikTok and Its Users Are Always on the Go

The app has a young, enthusiastic user base that loves new things. New trends, new challenges, and consistently new content. Though the age ranges of users are expanding, the structure of the app itself will continue to revolve around those same basic elements. To be successful, know the target audience, produce entertaining and original content, and get engaged with the community.