TikTok Video Size Recommendations for 2022

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

One of the most rapidly expanding social media channels nowadays is TikTok. More than 1 billion people use the app, with over 200 million downloads from the United States alone. For the 13- to 40-year-old set to grow their followings and establish themselves as influencers.

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short video clips. That and more are covered in this guide. We’ll cover a few other things, such as video dimensions, the real maximum video file size on Apple and Android devices, how long TikTok videos are, and how you may optimize your videos before uploading them to TikTok via a web app. Advertisers that wish to win big on the platform will also be given significant instructions.

Maximum Video Size for TikTok 

A video’s maximum length may be divided into many measurements in TikTok. The size of a video’s video file is measured by its video size. Another factor is how TikTok videos are sized when uploaded on the site. We’ve outlined what’s possible here, but keep in mind that the platform allows for a wide range of content types to be uploaded.

TikTok Videos: Portrait or Landscape?

TikTok videos may be filmed in either landscape or portrait orientations. As a general rule, you should generate videos that display in portrait mode. Vertical video is available on every social media site. TikTok account holders want to guarantee that the platform’s algorithm works in their favor by increasing usage.

To take advantage of the increased use of your smartphone camera, TikTok will automatically switch your videos to portrait mode. However, if you want to make it landscape, you’ll need to record it that way or submit a video shot that way. You may also use the video mode button that displays when you publish a video to TikTok.

TikTok videos may be as large as what?

If you’ve ever wondered what the maximum size of a TikTok video is, we’ve got the answer. You may shake your head in disbelief at the responses. The app is accessible for iOS and Android, although the maximum file size varies.

TikTok allows you to upload a 72 MB video from your Android mobile phone to the cloud. This figure is almost four times greater if you use an Apple iPhone. iOS users are allowed to upload up to 287.6 MB of data. It may seem random that you are limited to 60-second videos and small file sizes, but this is not the case. Everyone who makes things knows what it feels like to wait before recording and what it feels like to wait afterward. These are the pieces of material that should not be included in your final product. TikTok’s cutting tool makes it easier to discover and remove unwanted parts of your videos before sharing them with the world, regardless of whether you’re on iOS or Android.

The length of a TikTok video is a matter of debate.

There was a time when videos were only 15-second pieces, but today 3-minute videos are being tested with certain people. Diverse outlets picked up on the three-minute film by 2020’s end.

It’s a step forward from the 15- and 60-second recording periods, but it’s also a risk. All social media sites use engagement as a key indicator. When TikTok launched its 15-second videos, it established that the tiny frame allowed for significant view time and video completion rates.

To us, the same holds for 60-second clips. We eagerly await what 3-minute videos will reveal. TikTok’s algorithm will punish producers if they don’t generate enough interesting and engaging stuff under the three-minute time limit.

How can you tell whether you can capture movies lasting three minutes? Ensure you have the most recent version of the app by going to the app store and checking for updates. A video will allow you to see whether you can record for three minutes. To ensure that the prospective new feature negatively impacts not too many producers and materials, TikTok has restricted access to this option to a small number of users.